California Gold
de jure
 State Assembly


We stand united in upholding The People’s Natural Rights by facilitating activities for the alignment of our mission, governance, strategy, operations and oversight within California.


Our vision for the California Gold de jure State Assembly is to re-establish Natural Law as the Supreme Law of the land. Through models of love, we desire to raise the consciousness of each other and our fellow inhabitants on earth, especially in California. As Sovereign beings on Earth we are ready to live in devotion to our planet and in unconditional love for all, which will only be manifested as we unite for the highest good of all of her inhabitants; humans, ecosystems, plants, animals, and all organic living beings.  We are committed to promoting the core concepts that love, truth, justice, freedom and life will be shared, encouraged and preserved. 

To this end, we pledge to operate in alignment with Source/Natural Law, with each other and with unconditional love for all of creation.

Who we are:

We are concerned individuals aware of the environment we are living in. Together we are unifying to restore California and the world, creating an abundant environment for ourselves and generations to come. We are aware that we must assume responsibility for the condition of our state and our World. 

Such is our privilege and opportunity to partake in this noble endeavor. Our goal is to bring harmony and abundance to our communities, which creates a model for generations to come! 

What we do:

Exercising our right of assembly, we share experiences and resources and join together for peaceful resolution of our grievances. All are welcome who believe in responsibility, freedom and our Natural Rights as inhabitants of this planet.

Guidelines for  Natural  Law:

  • Do no harm, cause no loss & do not trespass except in the defense of the innocent.
  • Use LOVE as our moral compass through Natural Law to guide the principles of our conduct and interactions with all.
  • Use your innate ability to decipher right from wrong.
  • Be selfless and united in your service to each other and in all you seek.
  • Hold each other accountable to Natural Law with the spirit of LOVE at all times above all.


Natural Law comes from Source/Creator and is based on love. It is discovered through the use of reason and ultimately through choosing good over evil to form the basis of a just society. This universal moral standard is inherent and discoverable by all. It is dynamic, fluid, unmutable and eternal. We are each a fragment contributing to the whole.


Be the Change, You, want to See in your World!